Poopy Packs XL Review (Metro Paws)

Poopy Packs XL
What It Is
Poopy Packs XL are larger than average dog waste bags made by Metro Paws, the same company that brought you the Trump and Hillary poop bags.  Poopy Packs XL come in boxes of 250 bags with a nifty built in dispenser.The packaging is made using recycled paper and vegetable based inks making them environmentally friendly.  The bags are 11"X13" and they come in 4 different colored patterns.  The Poopy Packs XL bags are compostable which means they break down faster than grocery bags or other containers you may use for waste removal.   
Why Is It Useful?
Larger breed dogs naturally produce larger poops so having the extra room Poopy Packs XL bags provide makes an otherwise unpleasant job and little more comfortable for squeamish pet parents. These bags are also useful for yard clean-up if you have a build-up of multiple piles since they are larger than average.
Who It’s For
The Poopy Packs XL are for all doggy parents but especially those who have larger breeds.  You can also pick up multiple poops for smaller dogs that use the yard daily. 
What To Be Aware Of
Poopy Packs XL come in 4 different styles. Each box holds 250 bags that are 11" X 13". Poopy Packs XL bags are compostable. Other human uses for Poopy Packs XL as depicted in this review may not be advisable. Simulated doody was used for demonstration purposes. No real poop actually touched the reviewer.
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