Arm & Hammer Rock N Rollerz Rubine Red Review (Fetch 4 Pets)

Arm & Hammer Rock N Rollerz  Rubine Red
What It Is
The Arm & Hammer Rock N Rollerz Red Rubine from Fetch 4 Pets is a rubber dog toy that is infused with baking soda and shaped like a figure 8.  This dog toy is multi-dimensional since it can be used as a fetch toy or tug toy because of it's design. The rubber material will make this toy bounce erratically when tossed and the figure 8 design provides handles at either end so you and fido can have a nice tug of war.  The Red Rubine Rock N Roller also has a space that you can put a tennis type ball giving your dog more incentive to play with this fun dog toy whether it be fetching or tugging. This small feature enhances the play value of this versatile dog toy.
Is It Fun?
Your pooch can really put the Red Rubine Rock N Roller through it's paces without fear of immediate destruction.  The rubber material can be chomped on during play with little or no damage.  The figure 8 shape provides handles for both and and Fido to engage in a lively tug of war game.  The rubber material it is made out of will provide erratic bounces during fetch play.  Also, the added feature of being able to tuck a favorite ball inside of this toy should entice your dog to want to play more.
Who It’s For
The Arm & Hammer Rock N Rollerz are great for any dog's toy box.  They are versatile enough to even take in the car in case an impromptu play session is in order.  Dogs that like to fetch, chew or tug will enjoy playing with this toy along with their pet parents.
What To Be Aware Of
The Arm & Hammer Rock N Rollerz are dishwasher safe.  This dog toy is infused with baking soda. Unfortunately we cannot asses whether help with your dogs dental hygiene. The ball does not stay in the ball after it hits the ground when tossed. This is not chew toy and should only be used under pet parent supervision. 
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