Disney Beauty and the Beast Design Your Own Enchanted Rose Crown Review (Seedling)

Disney Beauty and the Beast Design Your Own Enchanted Rose Crown
What It Is

Be the Belle of the ball with Disney's Beauty & the Beast Design Your Own Enchanted Rose Crown craft kit from Seedling. This is a piece-together craft kit that makes it easy for Beauty & the Beast fans to construct their own flower-powered crown out of fabric yellow and red roses inspired by the Disney movie. 

The kit comes with fabric rosebuds and open flowers, four colorful strands of ribbon, two tubes of glitter glue, and more to create your crown. Start by building flowers piece by piece using the rosebuds and/or flowers, stems, and leaves. You can mix and match the flowers, which feature different styles, such as glittery centers. Then, arrange them roughly how you want them to appear when attached to your crown. Starting from one side of the wire frame of the included crown, use the green washi-like tape to wind and attach the stems tightly to the wire frame. Go piece by piece. We found it's best to work from the middle of the frame outward toward the edges. Once complete, you can use the glitter glue to add some extra glitz and glam to your floral crown. Then chose a ribbon, or use them all, to tie the crown together. 

Is It Fun?

We liked how this kit uses the iconic roses and color palette from Beauty & the Beast as inspiration for a craft kit, making it 100-percent on trend with the floral crown craze spotted on fashion-forward social media accounts. We also loved the completed look of the end product, which also makes it a fun accessory to wear for pretend play or while watching the new live-action version of the movie. 

Who It’s For
The Disney's Beauty & the Beast Design Your Own Enchanted Rose Crown craft kit is from Seedling and it's for ages 6 and up. This kit will appeal to fans of Belle and Beauty & the Beast, while also serving up an on-trend fashion-driven activity project for young crafty kids. The fact that the Beauty & the Beast theme is also subtle makes it also appealing to tweens as well.
What To Be Aware Of
Young kids may need an extra set of hands when attaching since the tape can get a bit difficult at times to work with.

It took us roughly under one hour to complete the crown, and it is easy enough to redo a section if you make a mistake or swap some flower choices. The washi-style tape, however, may not hold your flowers in place for the long-term so we suggest reenforcing it with some glue once you've styled the crown to your liking.

While the directions were included, it may be hard to visualize how to properly attach the flowers to the crown's frame. We had a bit of prior experience with flower crown-making, but if you don't there are plenty of additional tutorials you can find online that can help you get the hang of it. 

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