Bouncer Bliss Review (BabyBjorn)

Bouncer Bliss
What It Is

Give baby a blissful way to bounce away with the BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss. This is a new version of the company's classic bouncer design that is available in a quilted cotton (which is what we're showing in our video review) or a lightweight, soft mesh. 

In both designs, the seat of the bouncer is ergonomically shaped to support the baby's back, neck, and head. It can also be reclined into three positions for when baby is eating, playing, or sleeping. To change positions, use one hand to lift the positioner and move it to the desired position while you lift the backrest with your other hand. There is a safety harness to keep baby secure when sitting in the seat.

This is a battery-free bouncer that provides a gentle and natural bouncing motion to calm and soothe baby. As baby kicks and moves around, the Bouncer Bliss will naturally respond to that motion. Parents can also give the Bouncer Bliss a push to start the bouncing movement. 

And while this will be useful with babies, if you turn the fabric around on the bouncer, you can convert it into a chair for an older child up to the age of 2.

The bouncer also folds up flat for easy storage and transport.

The Bouncer Bliss comes in Old Rose, Midnight Blue, Sand Grey, and Anthracite colors in the quilted cotton, and Cocoa, Powder Pink, and Anthracite in the mesh. Each is sold separately.

Why Is It Useful?
While this bouncer doesn't have the bells and whistles of other baby bouncers you've probably seen in stores, it does have a great design and a clever two-in-one function. That allows it to be something design-conscious parents won't mind keeping out in their living rooms and a baby product that can grow with baby. It's comfortable for a baby to eat, play, and sleep in, and the gentle bouncing motion will help to calm a baby.
Who It’s For
The Bouncer Bliss is for use as a bouncer with babies from birth up to 20 pounds. It can be converted into a chair when a child can walk and sit on his or her own with a maximum weight limit of 29 pounds.
What To Be Aware Of
The fabric on the Bouncer Bliss is removable and machine washable.
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