Blaze and the Monster Machines CleverBed Review (The Ninja Corporation)

Blaze and the Monster Machines CleverBed
What It Is

Don't sleep in a bag. Sleep on a bed with the CleverBed. This is a more comfortable alternative to sleeping bags with a built-in pillow, water-resistant mattress, and zippered sleeping bag cover for easy cleaning. Even though it's a bed, it's still portable.

The CleverBed rolls up into a carrying bag, and when you're ready to use it, just unroll it and turn the valve open to auto-inflate the mattress. It takes just 30 seconds. If you want to make the mattress and pillow a little firmer, blow four to five strong breaths into the valve. Close up the valve and you're ready to sleep.

There are a variety of styles to choose from that feature all of kids' favorite characters, including Blaze and the Monster Machines. This bed comes in a red carry bag and unfolds to reveal a red bed with images of Blaze, Crusher, Stripes, Zeg, Pickle, and Darington.

Is It Fun?

As the name suggests, this is a clever invention that you can use for sleepovers, camping trips, and even movie nights at home. Kids will like that it's got their favorite characters on it, but the CleverBed also offers more padding than a regular sleeping bag, which gives kids a more comfortable night's sleep.

Who It’s For

The Blaze and the Monster Machines CleverBed is for ages 2 to 8. Fans of Blaze and the Monster Machines will like seeing their favorite characters from the show on this bed, and it will be a fun a way for them to show off their fandom when they take the bed to sleepovers.

What To Be Aware Of

Once assembled, the CleverBed measures 60 inches long and 25.5 inches wide.

Additional CleverBeds, sold separately, feature Paw Patrol characters. 

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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