Arcade Classics Q*bert Review (Basic Fun!)

Arcade Classics Q*bert
What It Is
The Basic Fun Arcade Classics: Q*bert is a compact handheld version of the classic 1980s arcade game (created by Gottlieb) that's formatted to be played like a miniature version of the original. The game looks like a miniaturized arcade game, equipped with a functional button and joystick built-in for gameplay. joystick to move and the button to fire. 

Originally released in 1982, Q*bert is a 2-D action-packed game that incorporates puzzle-like elements and gameplay that give it a 3-D effect. The goal of the game is to move Q*bert quickly from cube to cube using the joystick without getting caught by the bad guys, Slick and Coily. As Q*bert moves, each cube's color changes. Points are earned based on how many color changes you can get. In Q*bert you want to hop quickly from cube to cube without getting caught by the bad guys, such as Coily, Slick, Sam, Ugg and Wrongway. Hit a green enemy and it's immediately removed from the board. Hit a purple enemy and you're dead. 

Is It Fun?
Gone are the days of heading to the arcade to play your favorite video games, but that's okay when you've got this game! We like that gameplay is easy to pick up yet still requires some quick moves. 

For those nostalgic for the original game and joystick-style gameplay, the real fun comes through in the form of the Classic Arcade design. While so many old-school classic arcade games are being re-imagined as apps for the 21st Century, we like that these toys have simply downsized the original format for handheld play on the go, without the need for smart devices. We also like that it does require a little more hands on, fine motor skill usages than a modern-day swipe-and-tap focused game format.

A bonus for older fans of the game is that even if you die, you don't have to add coins to keep playing! 

Who It’s For
The Basic Fun Arcade Classics Q*bert game is from The Bridge Direct and made for ages 8 and up. Q*bert was considered among the first electronic puzzle games, so it will certainly appeal to kids that like this style of gameplay, but we also think it will especially win over older kids/kids-at-heart. For this group, the game has a nostalgia factor and might be fun to introduce a game of their youth to their own kids. 
What To Be Aware Of
Three AA batteries are required and included for try-me purposes. We suggest swapping them out for the best play experience. 

Be sure to power-down the mini arcade when not in use to preserve the battery.

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