Panorama Digital Color Video Monitor Review (Summer Infant)

Panorama Digital Color Video Monitor
What It Is

Everything you want in a baby monitor is in the Panorama Digital Color Video Monitor. During naptime and bedtime, parents can keep baby in view thanks to the Panorama's 180-degree pan and tilt visibility. Plus, this digital video monitor features a talk-back-to-baby feature and a built-in nightlight. 

Use the easy-to-follow Quick Start Guide to set up. The monitor needs to be charged for seven hours by plugging it into a wall outlet, while the camera needs to be plugged into a wall outlet and placed on a flat surface, such as a tabletop or shelf. You can also mount it to a wall. But no matter where you choose to put it, make sure the camera and cord are more than three feet away from the crib. It even comes with security clips to secure the cord to the wall in order to keep the cord out of baby's reach.

Once you've got the monitor charged up and the camera in place in the baby's room, sync both products by first turning on the camera and then turning on the monitor. Then you're ready to go.

Hold the monitor or pop out the kickstand. On the five-inch color LCD screen, you'll see several screen icons that will tell you if the nightlight is on, the image zoom, the temperature in the baby's room, how good the connection is between camera and monitor, the monitor's battery life, and the current viewing camera. You can have up to four cameras synced to one monitor. Additional cameras are sold separately.

Then there are several function buttons so you can turn the monitor on and off, turn the video feed on and off to preserve battery life, manage volume, and adjust the screen's brightness. 

If your baby or toddler moves around a lot in the crib, you can even change the direction and zoom of the camera to always have your child in view.

You can even press and hold the talk-back button to let baby hear your voice without having to go into the room.

And to help soothe babies or toddlers who are afraid of the dark, turn on the nightlight in either a soft blue or red.

No matter what volume setting you use, the monitor's LED light bar will light up as it picks up noises. Softer sounds will light up the amber LEDs, while louder noises light up the red LEDs.

Why Is It Useful?

This video monitor has a lot of great features and is really easy to use. It can sometimes be hard to set up a baby camera in just the right angle so that the whole crib is in view, but with this baby monitor, you don't really have to worry about that because right from the monitor you can easily move the camera 180 degrees side to side and up and down so that baby is always in view. No sneaking into the nursery to try and adjust the camera.

The talk-back feature is really nice, too, allowing parents to soothe a fussy baby with their voice without having to go into the room. And the built-in nightlight is just another added feature that will be useful in soothing a baby to sleep and helping a toddler feel more comfortable being in the dark. 

You're getting a lot of functionality from one product, and it's something you can use from birth through the toddler years.

Who It’s For
The Panorama Digital Color Video Monitor is for adult use, and parents can use it to view their child from birth and up.
What To Be Aware Of

Before first use, you'll need to charge the monitor for seven hours. The monitor comes with a rechargeable battery pack. You'll need to contact Summer Infant if you need a replacement pack.

The camera can be mounted on a wall, but you'll need a screwdriver and drill to do it.

You can have up to four cameras synced to one monitor, but additional cameras are sold separately.

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