Felt Pod Review (PetPals)

Felt Pod
What It Is

The Felt Pod by PetPals is a felt pet bed that is fantastic for pet parents that are on the go and like to transport their pet beds from one location to another. The Felt Pod by PetPals is a great small to medium sized pet bed that measures 16" x 19" x 11". The Felt Pod is made from felt which makes it lightweight and easy to carry around. It has a zip around enclosure that attaches and detaches the top to create a warm and cozy environment or an open and inviting space for your favorite feline friend or canine pal. It also comes with a small pet bed for added comfort inside! Comes in a variety of colors.

Why Is It Useful?

The Felt Pod is a useful pet bed because pet's need a resting place that's their own. This pet bed is particularly useful because of the zip off top. It is great for pets that want a more intimate, smaller space, but zip off the top of the pod and it's also great for pets that like to be a part of what's happening in their surroundings!

Who It’s For

The Felt Pod is great for cats and smaller dogs. It's a smaller, cozy pet bed so it's great for any pet that has anxiety issues and likes to be tucked away into a tight little corner. It's also great for pet parents that are on the go and want to throw their pet's bed in the car and go! It's easily transportable.

What To Be Aware Of

The Felt Pod by PetPals is a smaller sized pet bed so it's best used for cats and smaller dogs. Its dimensions are 19x16x12". It comes with a removable pet bed.

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