Mossy Oak Battery-Powered Quad Review (KidTrax)

Mossy Oak Battery-Powered Quad
What It Is
The KidTrax Mossy Oak Battery-Powered Quad is a six-volt (6V) battery-powered quad preschool ride-on toy. The Mossy Oak Quad features a classic Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo design. It's accented with orange handlebars, rims, and a front and rear bumper. It features sturdy rubber traction strip tires to ensure a good grip to surfaces as kids cruise. 

To get moving, the quad uses KidTrax' easy push-button drive system. Simply hold down on the handlebar's button to go and use both handlebars to steer. The vehicle only moves forward and cannot be put in reverse. Little ones can rest their feet on the footrest as they ride. To stop, simply release the button. The ride-on can reach speeds of up to 1.5 MPH.

Is It Fun?
Kids will love the feel of driving their own little vehicles--just like mom and dad--and we especially like the safe riding features of this little ride-on. The detailed Mossy Oak design also make it ideal for kids that want to replicate mom and dad's Mossy Oak vehicles and style in their own ride-on. 

Parents will also like that this ride-on comes fully assembled in package so no assembly is required. 

Who It’s For
The Mossy Oak Battery Powered Quad is for ages 18 months to 3 years old. It's intended to hold a maximum weight of 44 pounds in order to meet its maximum speed of 1.5 MPH. The Mossy Oak will appeal to parents and kids familiar with the iconic camo woodsy, outdoorsmen print of the Mossy Oak.
What To Be Aware Of
Parents won't need to worry about set-up, however the Mossy Oak Battery-Powered Quad will need to be charged up by an adult before kids' cruise. The quad requires a 10–12 hour charge before each use. It should not be charged more than 15 hours at a time. The charging cables are included and the hook-up is located under the seat of the ride-on. 

This vehicle only moves forward, and can not be put in reverse.

This ride-on is available exclusively at Walmart.

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