Schwinn 16-inch Backdraft Bike Review (Pacific Cycle)

Schwinn 16-inch Backdraft Bike
What It Is

Kids will enjoy getting started learning to ride a bike with the Schwinn 16-inch Backdraft Bike. This is part of the Schwinn SmartStart bike collection, which means that it has a seat, pedals, handlebar grips, and steel frame that are designed to match a child’s proportions better than other children’s bikes. This is supposed to ensure that when a child gets on this bike, it “fits” right from the start.

This is a bright orange bike with lots of flame details and Schwinn logos on the frame, seat, chain guard, and handlebar number plate. It has large 16-inch wheels with front and rear caliper brakes operated by a hand brake on the handlebars. The bike also comes with detachable training wheels. And you don’t need tools to adjust the bike seat.

Is It Fun?

What’s nice about this bike, aside from its bright colors and cool detailing, is that it’s a good starter bike for beginners, whether kids are cruising with or without training wheels. It may look like a basic bike with training wheels, but it has a very specific design to provide a more comfortable ride and give kids the ability to balance and control the bike a little easier. The bike easily grows with a child, ensuring that kids will enjoy many springs and summers having fun and being active while riding around outside.

Who It’s For
The Schwinn 16-inch Backdraft Bike is for kids ages 3–7 with a height range of 38–48 inches tall. It’s a nice beginner bike for kids who are just learning to ride a bicycle.
What To Be Aware Of
Assembly is required, but is easy to do. It took us 10 minutes.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

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