Schwinn Teddy Bear Bike Helmet Review (Pacific Cycle)

Schwinn Teddy Bear Bike Helmet
What It Is
Keep babies and toddlers safe whenever they're on the go with the Schwinn Teddy Bear Bike Helmet. This infant bike helmet has a molded 3-D design of a knit teddy bear on it. But in addition to looking cute, it also features a lightweight, vented design to keep kids' heads cool. The lower molded shell provides durability and extra protection at the back of the head. The built-in visor reduces glare and provides extra protection, too. It's also easy to adjust the helmet to get just the right fit on a child's head thanks to the easy-adjust dial. You just turn it one way to tighten and turn it the other way to loosen.
Is It Fun?
Whether a baby is sitting in a bike trailer or seat, or riding around on a tricycle, you want your child's head to be protected. Helmets with riding toys are a must, and it's good to get kids in the habit of wearing one from a young age. As with older kids, younger kids may be more apt to keep the helmet on their head without fuss if the helmet looks cute. And that's just what this Teddy Bear Helmet does. Little kids will like the fun look and parents will like its safety features. Plus, it can be adjusted as the child grows.
Who It’s For
The Schwinn Teddy Bear Bike Helmet is for ages 1 and up. It should be worn whenever a child is sitting in a bike trailer or seat, or riding a tricycle. 
What To Be Aware Of
Make sure you follow the instructions to achieve a proper fit on your child's head.
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