Mongoose Boy’s 20-inch Radical Bike Review (Pacific Cycle)

Mongoose Boy’s 20-inch Radical Bike
What It Is

Kids can get radical like their favorite Mongoose riders with the Mongoose Boy's 20-inch Radical Bike. This BMX-style bicycle has a steel frame with bends and gussets for added durability, plus a two-piece handlebar and four-bolt stem. It's got front and rear caliper brakes activated by the hand brakes on the handlebars, along with a single-speed drive train designed to make it simple for young riders. The bike also comes with four freestyle pegs for doing tricks and grinds. And Mongoose fans will appreciate the bicycle's silver and blue color scheme, plus the machined alloy mag wheels. The Mongoose logo and a “Radical” logo can be found printed on the bike's frame.

Is It Fun?
Kids who are into BMX and the Mongoose brand will appreciate the stunt-ready details of this bike, allowing them to practice their own tricks and grinds at the bike park. They'll also like that this bike gives a similar look to Mongoose BMX bikes that some of their favorite riders use. But it's also just a cool-looking bike for any kid, boy or girl, who wants to ride around in BMX and Mongoose style. It's going to be a fun way for kids to get outside and be active.
Who It’s For

The Mongoose Boy's 20-inch Radical Bike is for ages 10 and up, or a rider who is between three feet and six feet tall. The Mongoose brand on the bike will appeal to kids who enjoy watching Mongoose BMX riders.

What To Be Aware Of

Adult assembly is required and is easy to do, although the instructions are not specific to this bike. Rather, they are general instructions for all Mongoose-branded kids' BMX-style bikes.

Kids should always wear a helmet when riding.

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