Comfort Height Baby Bath Tub Review (Summer Infant)

Comfort Height Baby Bath Tub
What It Is

Now bathtime can be comfortable for baby and parents with the Comfort Height Elevated Bath Center with Step Stool. This baby bathtub is made up of three parts: a bath support with pads, a base/kneeler/step stool, and a bathtub. It gives parents different usage options based on the age of the child and where the bath is being given.

You can use just the bath support in a sink if you want to bathe your baby there. Or you can attach all three pieces and use the bath center in an adult-sized tub. The base on the bottom of the baby bathtub brings the whole tub up to a more comfortable height for mom and dad.

As baby grows, you can eventually remove the bath support and have your child sit up in the baby bathtub. When the tub is in this stage, it should only be used in an adult-sized tub. Remove the base of the bathtub to use as a kneeler to keep yourself comfortable and at a good angle to reach your child during bathtime.

For older kids, the detached base/kneeler can also be used as a step stool to help kids reach the sink so they can wash their hands or brush their teeth.

Why Is It Useful?
Parents are really going to like this baby bathtub for a multitude of reasons. Like most baby tubs, this one grows with baby, but it also keeps a parent's comfort in mind. When the base is on the tub, it puts the baby at a more comfortable height so that parents aren't hunched over the adult tub and trying to reach their infant. And when the base is off the tub, it becomes a nice seat for parents. No more achy knees after bath time.
Who It’s For

The Comfort Height Elevated Bath Center with Step Stool is for use with children from birth to 2 years. But it's really going to be ideal for parents who are looking for a baby bathtub that can grow with their child and that makes bathtime a little easier.

The maximum weight of the step stool is 250 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of
This infant bathtub should be placed inside a full-size adult tub or on a flat surface.
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