Laid-Back Lounger Review (Summer Infant)

Laid-Back Lounger
What It Is

The Laid Back Lounger from Summer Infant is an ideal lounger for the first 6 months.  This is a 3 stage infant pillow that helps baby through lay and play, tummy time and sit and play. 

Stage 1 Lay and Play – The soft pillow gives baby a place to lay on their back and engage with the toy bar above. There is a comfortable incline for baby which helps with breathing and overall comfort. 

Stage 2 Tummy Time – The curved soft pillow gives baby support for the all important tummy time. This strengthens the back, neck and shoulder muscles. The toy bar folds down so baby can play with the toys while on their tummy.  

Stage 3 Sit and Play - The toy arch lifts up so baby can engage with the toys at eye level. The pillow folds over for a wrap-around support around baby’s back to help them sit up. 

The Laid Back Lounger helps baby through all these vital milestones during the first 6 months. 

Is It Fun?
This lounger helps engage baby by reinforcing motor skills, eye tracking, hand eye coordination and overall development through play.  Two toys are included. 
Who It’s For

The Laid Back Lounger is for ages birth though about 6 months or when baby can sit up unassisted. 

What To Be Aware Of
This lounger is not meant to be used for sleep. Two toys are included. 
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