Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Bath Scrub Review (Phillips Entertainment Group)

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Bath Scrub
What It Is

Have some underwater fun with Minnie Mouse and get cleaned up at the same time when you add the SoapSox Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Bath Scrub to bath time. This 10-inch Minnie Mouse wears the character's signature pink and polka dots but with a swim goggle, life vest, and flippers. Minnie is very soft for cuddling, but the softness has another purpose, too. This Minnie also works as a sudsy sponge to help scrub kids clean.

Just add your favorite liquid or bar soap inside the hidden soap pocket on Minnie's back. Dip Minnie in water, squeeze Minnie to work up a lather, and then get scrubbing. There are finger pockets behind Minnie's arms to give a better grip.

The Minnie Mouse Bath Scrub is machine washable and can be dried in the dryer. It comes with a hanging cord that you can attach to the loop on top of Minnie Mouse if you just want to wring out the sponge and hang it to dry.

Why Is It Useful?

This is a great two-in-one product that will be fun for young kids to play with but useful for parents who are trying to get their kid clean at bath time. Reluctant bathers will like seeing a friendly and familiar character, which might make the whole process of bath time a littler easier and more fun for everyone involved.

Who It’s For

The SoapSox Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Bath Scrub is for ages birth and up. Parents who are Disney fans will like using this soft character sponge to get their babies clean at bath time, but as the child gets older, they'll also like playing with Minnie Mouse as a bath toy, too.

What To Be Aware Of

A SoapSox Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Bath Scrub is also available and sold separately.

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