Giant Lighted Dice Review (Blip Toys)

Giant Lighted Dice
What It Is

Add a twist to any of your favorite dice games with Twist Time Giant Lighted Dice. This comes with five large dice that light up in multiple flashing colors when you roll them. There is even a pop-up dice cup for rolling the dice, and you can easily collapse the dice cup for easy storage along with the dice back inside the box.

If you don't know any dice games, try one of the eight suggested games in the instructions. In one game, Knock Out, each player chooses a “knock out number”, and if they roll two dice that add up to that number, they're knocked out of the game. The last player left wins.

In Run for It, players take turns rolling all five dice and trying to make the longest run they can with the numbers rolled. You score 10 points for each number in the run, and the first player to 150 points wins.

If you roll twos or fives in Stuck in the Mud, you must set them aside. You only score points for any dice you roll that aren't twos and fives. After five rounds, the player with the most points wins.

In Pig, you've got to decide how much of a hog you want to be in order to score points. Roll one die and either hold to keep the amount of points on the die or roll again to try and gain more points. But if you roll a one, you get no points! The first person to 100 points wins.

Going to Town is a simple game where players take turns rolling three dice. Hold the highest die and re-roll the other two. Hold the highest die from that roll and re-roll the last die. Add up the three numbers you rolled for your total score. The player with the most points wins.

In Three or More, you roll all five dice to try and get three of a kind. The more that you get, the more points you score. The player with the highest score after five rounds wins.

Beat That! is a competitive two-player game where one player attempts to beat the number of the first player by simply rolling a higher number.

And to score 50 points in Fifty, roll two dice and try to get both dice to show the same number. You score five points for every double one, two, four, and five. You score 25 points for a double six. But a double three scores you nothing.

Is It Fun?
The Twist Time line of games is all about getting families having fun and being active while playing. And with the larger size of the Giant Lighted Dice, families will be rolling these light-up dice on the floor, in the grass, and at the beach to play all sorts of games. They are easy to take wherever you want to play and just add a fun element to your family's favorite games or any of the suggested dice games.
Who It’s For
Giant Lighted Dice is for two to eight players ages 3 and up. It will be a fun game for the whole family to play together both indoors and outdoors. Younger kids will probably need help to do the math and keep track of their scores, but that just means that this game is also a nice way to help young kids with math skills.
What To Be Aware Of

The game comes with five light-up dice each containing three AG10 batteries, a collapsible dice cup, and instructions for eight games. It does not appear that you can replace the batteries.

Giant Lighted Dice is available exclusively at Target.

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