Play-Doh Shape & Learn Textures & Tools Review (Hasbro)

Play-Doh Shape & Learn Textures & Tools
What It Is

The Play-Doh Shape & Learn Textures and Tools kit from Hasbro is a new Play-Doh activity kit featuring three texture stampers, three rollers, two rolling cutters, scissors, a stylus, three double-sided activity mats, a Together Time Guide, and six cans of Play-Doh. Like the Colors and Shapes kit in this new learning line, Textures and Tools is about reinforcing key developmental skills in preschoolers. With this kit, kids can use the texture stampers and match the textures they create to those shown on the mat. 

Parents can also play alongside their child as they work posing questions about each texture to help him/her better understand what they are creating. For example, what texture feels bumpy?; What texture feels smooth?; Or what texture looks like swiss cheese? 

Kids can also develop their fine motor skills when using the stylus, as they follow the guides on the activity mats. 

Is It Fun?
The Play-Doh Shape & Learn Textures and Tools activity kit isn't just about engaging creative development, but also harnessing and enhancing a child's sensory-motor skills. As kids use the tools and observe the shapes and textures they make, they will be beginner to recognize them better in their own environments.
Who It’s For
The Play-Doh Shape & Learn Textures and Tools activity kit is age-graded for ages 2 and up. However, we think in terms of a learning tool it should really begin to be used when a child is 3+. A two-year-old may not have the patience to understand the lessons in this kit as well as in the companion Colors & Shapes set. 
What To Be Aware Of
One major issue we did have with this kit is that some of the tools/texture patterns on these tools differ from what is depicted on the sheets and packaging. We think this can create some confusion, especially for toddlers and preschoolers just learning to differentiate these things. 

The Play-Doh Shape & Learn Colors and Shapes Set, another kit in this line, may be a better stepping stone to start out with if you are looking for a tactile learning tool. Additional Play-Doh toys are also available and sold separately. 

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