Fast & Furious Plymouth Roadrunner 1970 Review (Mattel)

Fast & Furious Plymouth Roadrunner 1970
What It Is
This is a die-cast replica of Dom's 1970 Orange Plymouth Roadster from Furious 7. It's part of a collection of four key cars from the movie is part of a full line of part of die-cast replicas of cars from the franchise by Mattel. 

The 1970 Off Road Dodge Charger is central to the movie. When Mr. Nobody's group gives Dom the car, he had Tej use parts from a military jeep to reinforce it, but in Dom's escape with Ramsey, the car is no match for a steep hill, though both characters walk away just fine. 

Like all the cars in this collection, this one is well-made, freewheeling and terrific for collector's, too. It's  All four of these cars are nicely made, freewheeling and ready for great play or cool display. Kids can also use them with Mattel's Fast & Furious filmmaker app to create dramatic videos they can save and share. There are tons more of the iconic, replica cars from this series in this scale, all grouped by the movies in which they appear.
Is It Fun?
This is pretty much a dream toy for fans of the movies who want to collect and play with the iconic cars featured in the movies. Unlike in the movies, it won't break the bank to put them all in your collection, either. 
Who It’s For
The cars are graded for kids ages 5 and up, but they really are for fans of the movies...or fans of cool die-cast cars.
What To Be Aware Of
Because of the PG-13 rating of the movies, younger kids are not likely to see them, but they may very well be caught up in the cultural excitement around the films (ads, promotions, etc.) so don't be surprised if they want the cars. 

These are a little more expensive than comparable die-cast cars in this scale. However, for fans of the movies, these are going to be totally worth it. 

The filmmaker app is free and allows kids to film cars in action and add special effects. We found it somewhat cumbersome to use. Kids who are into filming their cars will probably have other apps or programs that will work as well.

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