Fast and Furious Quarter Mile Escape Review (Mattel)

Fast and Furious Quarter Mile Escape
What It Is

Play out the action from the Fast & Furious movies with the Fast & Furious Quarter Mile Escape playset. With this toy, kids can launch their vehicles, dodge the train, and escape one quarter mile at a time, kind of like Dominic Toretto. 

Because the cars are the real stars of the Fast & Furious movies, this playset comes with a 1:55-scale Dodge Charger R/T 1970, just like the car that Dom drives in the movies. Place the car in front of the launcher and slam down on the launcher to send the car flying up and, hopefully, over the train tracks. There are also box and telephone pole accessories for adding to the scene or using to create different stunt obstacles.

Plus, there is a free Fast & Furious Filmmaker app so that kids can use their smart devices to record their own car stunts and races. The playset comes with a smart device holder, but smart devices are not included.

Is It Fun?

With details inspired by the scenes seen in the movies, this playset will be fun for Fast & Furious fans as well as car enthusiasts. Both sets of fans will want to collect the set's cool die-cast car. Kids will enjoy making the car do its death-defying leap through the air over and over again, while older fans of the movies might enjoy using this playset as a way to build out their own replica Fast & Furious world.

Who It’s For
The Fast & Furious Quarter Mile Escape playset is for ages 5 and up. Even for kids who haven't seen the Fast & Furious movies, if they like playing with toy cars, then they'll like this playset's cool car stunt. Older Fast & Furious fans might like collecting this playset to build out their own Fast & Furious replica world or just to collect a mini version of Dom's cool car.
What To Be Aware Of

Assembly is required but it easy to do.

Mattel recommends that you use tape to stabilize the playset because the launcher piece and the playset's track piece do not connect.

The Fast & Furious Filmmaker app is a free download for Android and iOS devices.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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