Bravofor2 Review (Chicco)

What It Is

The BravoFor2 is a stroller that keeps up with your expanding family. The BravoFor2 is a stroller for two children that keeps parents needs and child's comfort in mind. The BravoFor2 functions just the same as the Chicco Bravo Single stroller except the Bravo2, as the name implies, is for two passengers! 

  •  This stroller features a padded seat for comfort.
  •  A 5-point harness keeps your child secure. 
  • An adjustable canopy, cup holders and removable snack tray all add to the everyday comfort. 
  • The BravoFor2 is travel system ready with the Key Fit infant car seat and new FIT2 Infant and Toddler car seat. You can have your baby in the travel system up front and your big kid in the extra seat in the back. 
  • For your older child a 3-point harness back seat offers a place to sit while strolling or stand up. 
  • The back seat is rear facing only, if your child does want to face forward, a standing platform allows for that. The seat folds away when not in use. 
  • A storage basket under the seat is generous to store diaper bag, toys and whatever else you are carrying around during your day. 
  • The BravoFor2 moves very easily and my favorite part it's a quick one handed fold! Once folded this stroller stays standing and the fold handle works as a carry handle. Wheels automatically fold in to make the fold easy.
  • The wheels have a full suspensions for a smooth ride. 
  • Up at the handle, a tray allows parents to have their keys, phone and drink ready. 
  • The BravoFor2 is a great stroller and is very useful when you have two kids especially when your older child is not quite ready to give up the stroller but needs a rest once in a while. 
  • The BravoFor2 is for use from about 6 months up to 40 pounds. The rear seat is for ages 2.5 through 40 pounds. 

Why Is It Useful?

The BravoFor2 is an ideal stroller for growing families, it allows parents to have an infant car seat and a toddler both ride at the same time. This is a great everyday primary stroller that really keeps convenience and comfort in mind. The padded seats and travel system compatibility allow this stroller to be used from birth all the way through the strolling years. It's easy to move through streets and sidewalks and the quick one hand fold is convenient for parents. 

Who It’s For

The BravoFor2 is for use from about 6 months up to 40 pounds. The rear seat is for ages 2 and half through 40 pounds. This stroller is ideal for parents with kids who are two different ages. A baby in an infant car seat can be up front while a toddler can be seated in the second seat in the back. 

What To Be Aware Of

If you do have a child in the back seat it's hard to access the storage basket. Additionally, depending on the height of your older child, the canopy and handle bar might be uncomfortable for the child. When the child is standing up and facing forward this can be uncomfortable for the parent depending on height. 

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