Disney/Pixar Cars Hydro Wheels Lightning McQueen Review (Mattel)

Disney/Pixar Cars Hydro Wheels Lightning McQueen
What It Is

Lightning McQueen will want to say, “Kachow!” after racing in your bathtub. The Disney/Pixar Cars Hydro Wheels Lightning McQueen is just one of the many Hydro Wheels character cars based on characters from the Disney/Pixar movies. And like the other Hydro Wheels cars, this plastic car can race on land and in water. 

To race on land, push the car back and forth on a hard, flat surface three to four times and then let go to watch it zoom off. To race in the water, rev the car up the same way but release it in water. For best results, you might need to rev it up a little more for the water racing, otherwise the car will just float and not really go anywhere.

Looking just like the character from the movies, Sheriff is a black-and-white police car with a Radiator Springs logo on each door and a siren on top. There are also water bubbles on each door.

Is It Fun?
Kids are really going to like bringing Lightning McQueen into the tub with them for lots of imaginative play while they're also getting clean. This could be a good incentive for reluctant bathers. But while this is fun in the tub and pool, kids can also race the cars on land, giving them two ways to play. Of course, to have a real race in the water or on land, you'll need more Hydro Wheels cars, which are sold separately.
Who It’s For
The Disney/Pixar Cars Hydro Wheels Lightning McQueen is for ages 3 and up. Cars fans who like imaginative play will have fun engaging with a favorite character in the tub and pool with this toy.
What To Be Aware Of

We found that we got better water racing results when we revved up the car up a little more. That kept it from just floating and not really going anywhere.

Additional Hydro Wheels include Raoul Caroule, Strip Weathers, Sheriff, Ramone, Nigel Gearsley, and Mater. Each is sold separately.

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