Monopoly Signature Token Edition Review (Hasbro)

Monopoly Signature Token Edition
What It Is
The Monopoly Signature Token edition from Hasbro is designed for Monopoly fans and collectors. The original game from 1933 included 10 metal tokens including iron, purse, lantern, race car, thimble, shoe, top hat, battleship, cannon and a rocking horse. 

Eighty-four years later, we've lost the iron, the purse, the cannon and rocking horse, but never fear. We've acquired a whole lot more--sixty-four to be exact. The tokens in this edition include the cat, which was added in 2013 and a host of other topical, whimsical and fun. From a hashtag to a helicopter, there's something to amuse and delight everyone. 

The specially produced rule book includes a description of each of the tokens and why they're important to Mr. Monopoly's life. The game plays just like Monopoly, but fans and collectors will appreciate the high quality board and cards and all the gold accents. The silver houses and gold hotels are made of wood, just as they were originally, and everything packs away in the collector tin. 

You may go broke, or you may own the board, but one thing's for sure, this deluxe set is going to be a must-have for Monopoly collectors (Yes, there are a lot of them!) and a deluxe way for game lovers to experience this classic game.

Is It Fun?
In recent years, the Monopoly tokens have become collectible in their own right. (Kind of like LEGO Minifigures). This set pushes the imagination in new directions with an assortment of tokens that will appeal to everyone. Whether you're really going to play, or just display the game, the high quality will appeal to Monopoly fans.
Who It’s For
This is for Monopoly fans who will enjoy the collecting. Unless you're really into the tokens, you probably won't need this. If you are, this is totally great. Like traditional Monopoly it's for players ages 8 years and up. 
What To Be Aware Of
The game is available at and select retailers. 
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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy