GoDog Sonic Stick Review (Worldwise)

GoDog Sonic Stick
What It Is
The Go Dog Sonic Stick is a fetch toy for dogs and part of the Go Dog Retrieval line from Worldwise.The Sonic Stick is approximately 9 inches long, 2 inches wide and weighs about .5 lbs. It is made from a rubbery plastic substance that seems soft enough to be easy on the mouth and teeth. The sonic stick is accented with some faux grain so that it isn't smooth although it does get plenty slippery when wet. The weight of the stick makes it easy to toss however it's a little heavy to throw very far.  There is a button on one of the 2 nubs at the end of the stick and after being pushed, the stick is activated and lights up making this toy suitable from play after dark. When you shake or move the stick the light blinks and a sound is emitted that reminds us of a firework being shot into the sky except there is no boom at the end thank goodness. After tossing, the light will blink for about 15 seconds and then stay on for a while without blinking. 
Is It Fun?
Fetching is one of a dogs favorite activities which Pet Parents will usually tire of before they do.  It's great exercise for your furry pal and helps them use inherent tracking skills for the hunt which is instinct passed down to them from their wolf ancestors. Until recently, fetching was usually a daytime activity but with the added technology of the Sonic Stick, nighttime is the right time for fetch too.
Who It’s For
The Sonic Stick is for any dog that likes to fetch although we do think that small dogs may have an issue with the size and weight of this stick.  The Sonic stick seem better suited for medium to large dogs.  This stick is also for dogs that don't mind sound and light.  Some dogs may have an aversion to the added technology.
What To Be Aware Of
The Sonic Stick is not a chew toy and should never be left alone with your dog for extended periods of time.  Inside are electronics and batteries that should not be ingested. The weight of the sonic stick makes it dangerous to throw in the area of your dog or another person especially since it takes erratic bounces. We suggest you pretend to toss the Sonic Stick in another direction before tossing it where you want it to go. At times during our test if we didn't try the mis-direction idea, our fetching friend almost caught up with the tossed stick and came close to being struck.  Also if you're going to try to throw this over longer distance, be sure to toss it in an open area since the Sonic stick gets very slippery after Fido has had it in his mouth.
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