SmartGames Ghost Hunters Review (SmartGames)

SmartGames Ghost Hunters
What It Is

Ghost Hunters is a single-player ghost-themed puzzle game from SmartGames. The game features 60 puzzle challenges, which are depicted on the included double-sided challenge cards. The idea of each puzzle is to arrange the puzzle pieces in such a way that all the ghosts are lit-up. The challenges range from beginner to expert. The beginner cards help make things easy by outlining the placement necessary to complete the puzzle, which is a great starting tool for younger puzzlers. Older players, however, will likely want to start at a higher level, around puzzle number 16.

To play, simply chose a challenge card and slide it into the top slot of the case.

Is It Fun?

With 60 puzzles to complete at different levels, this is a fun single-player game that offers real brain-teasing challenges that also test your problem solving, spatial reasoning, and logic skills in the process. We especially like the portability of Ghost Hunters, which comes packaged in a sturdy case that fits everything inside.

Because the top of the case also serves as the game board with its raised edges, it's also a good travel game to play on the road or on a plane.

Who It’s For
Ghost Hunters is for ages 6 and up from SmartGames. It will appeal to kids (and adults!) that like puzzles, brain teasers, and challenges. This might also be a great game option for road trips, travel, and/or as a daily means to keep your mind occupied.
What To Be Aware Of
One thing to note is that there is only one correct solution per challenge.

An answer booklet is included.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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