LEGO Duplo Batcave Challenge Review (LEGO)

LEGO Duplo Batcave Challenge
What It Is

Keep the bad guys out of the Batcave with the LEGO Duplo Batcave Challenge. This construction set, model 10842, comes with 73 pieces for building the Batcave. It has a cannon that really shoots two cannon darts, a computer monitor area, and a jail. Plus, there's a Batcycle and buildable Batmobile. Some of the bricks are decorated as treasure, computer screens, and radar, and these serve as inspiration for kids' superhero storytelling.

To play out those stories, the set includes four Duplo figures of Batman, Robin, The Joker, and Poison Ivy. The Joker gets a water gun accessory, while Batman gets a Batarang. And other accessories include a ladder, a fence, and a chair.

Is It Fun?
This is a great way to introduce preschoolers to building with LEGO and playing out action-packed superhero stories just like the big kids. They'll like how easy it is to manipulate the chunky Duplo figures during play and how the large bricks are easy to put together, offering a safe and satisfying building experience.
Who It’s For
The LEGO Duplo Batcave Challenge is for ages 2–5. It's a fun way to introduce some early construction play and Batman superhero play to preschoolers.
What To Be Aware Of
It took TTPM's Master Builder five minutes to build this set, but she's an adult. This set is geared toward preschoolers, so it might take them a little bit longer to put everything together. Still, the instructions are easy to follow. Plus, there are other ways kids can build, and the instructions offer some picture inspiration for rebuilding.
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