Temple Connection Review (Smart Games)

Temple Connection
What It Is
Temple Connection is a single-player puzzle game from Smart Games in which players must work to connect the temples by using the road pieces included and correctly placing them on the board. 

There are five levels of challenges, ranging from starter to junior to expert to master to wizard. There are 80 challenges in total. In the easier levels, you may only need to connect two temples, while the harder puzzles require three temples. Each temple is indicated by the number of rooftops it has (1, 2, or 3.) From there you simply start working to link the temples. 

You can only connect low-end pieces with another low-end or doorway on the temple. High-end pieces can be connected together to create a bridge or they must intersect a temple top floor. Roads can also pass underneath bridges, and, because every temple has two doorways, some doors won’t be used.

Is It Fun?
Smart Games continues to put out fun and engaging travel-sized puzzle games that are perfect for challenging some brain-cells and putting your critical thinking skills to the test. We also like that with different challenge levels and 80 puzzles, there is repeat play value here packaged in a fun new theme.
Who It’s For
Temple Connection is for ages 7 and up. It will appeal to kids that like brain-teasing puzzles with repeat play value. This one is also a good travel game to play on road trips to pass the time.
What To Be Aware Of
You are not required to use all the road pieces to complete the puzzle. 

Puzzle solutions are located at the back of the puzzle guide.

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