Tower Crash Review (Blip Toys)

Tower Crash
What It Is
Tower Crash is a new large-scale game from Blip Toys. Now, there's nothing really new here. This is a Jenga-style stacking game that's a version of the hit game from the 1960's--Careful. That as a hit then, and we think this one is going to be a hit now. 

There are a few differences. Start by setting up the tower  on three levels with 8 pillars of four different colors (2 per level) and place a circular disc between each level. 

 On each turn, roll the die, and you have to remove one pillar of that color and place it on the top. You may roll the wild space, and you can pull any pillar. When you have 8 pillars on the next higher  level--and, obviously, fewer on the levels below--you add a new disc and play continues. 

You don't need to be a genius to see what's coming. At some point the inevitable happens. The tower can't be supported, and it crashes down, making a lot of hilarious noise--and controlled mess. This is classic skill and suspense play that people of all ages can play together easily. The “mayhem” is infectious, and the big, brightly colored pieces are easy even for small hands to manipulate. 

The set comes with a cloth bag that can hold all the pieces for easy storage. 

Is It Fun?
Suspense games are all the rage right now. And this one combines big size with lots of challenging skill. Because the tower can be built four feet tall or higher, the suspense builds with each turn. You'll feel the challenge when you remove one pillar, the suspense as you add it on top, and relief that you didn't knock it over...that time. 

Trying to psych out other players is a fun part of this game as well. 

Who It’s For
This game can be played by anyone ages 4 and up. It's a great game for people of different ages, and it doesn't require a great deal of skill, so it's perfect for parties or play dates, too. 
What To Be Aware Of
You can tell if a pillar is going to be "safe" to pull by touching it and pulling it out of the tower. So, some families may want to create "house rules." For example, you can make the game more challenging by saying that once you touch a pillar, you have to remove it. But that's all part of the fun you can create.

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