Minecraft Bow and Arrow Review (Mattel)

Minecraft Bow and Arrow
What It Is

You'll be ready for Creepers, Zombies, and Skeletons with the Minecraft Bow and Arrow. This roleplay toy comes with a bow that really launches an arrow. And both pieces have Minecraft's iconic pixilated look.

The bow itself is plastic with brown, silver, black, and gold coloring. The bow “string” is made of soft foam and has a pixilated design. The arrow is silver, gold, and black with a soft foam tip. Load the arrow into the bow, attach it to the string, and pull back on the string. Then, let it go to fire the arrow. The packge says the arrow can fly up to 20 feet.

Is It Fun?

Minecraft fans are really going to like how this toy brings the world of the game to life. It's a life-sized version of a Minecraft weapon that will be a must-have for kids who want to play out the game off-screen. It will inspire a lot of imaginative roleplay as kids pretend to take down Creepers, Zombies, and Skeletons, or any other villain that comes their way. 

When we tested our bow and arrow, the arrow only flew about 15 feet. This is probably better suited to younger Minecraft fans who will appreciate how lightweight and easy to use the toy is and won't be that disappointed in the distance of the arrow.

Who It’s For
The Minecraft Bow and Arrow is for ages 6 and up. Young Minecraft fans will enjoy playing with this toy to bring the action from the game to life.
What To Be Aware Of

The box says the arrow can fly up to 20 feet, but when we tested it, ours flew 15 feet. Older Minecraft fans might be disappointed in the distance.

A Minecraft Enchanted Bow and Arrow is also available and sold separately.

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