Pictionary Man Double Draw Review (Mattel)

Pictionary Man Double Draw
What It Is

It's a duel to draw the clues in Pictionary Man Double Draw. This game pits two teams of players against each other to see who can guess the clue first. But unlike classic Pictionary, this game has clue cards in two categories. You've got your classic Pictionary clues of words, but you've also got the Pairs category of two clues that go together to make a pair, such as “song and dance”, “nuts and bolts”, or “Bonnie and Clyde”. With the Pairs category, the drawing players from each team must each draw one half of the two-word clue. Teams must guess the entire pair to win the card, and they can look at both Pictionary Man figures for help.

No matter what category it is, each artist draws at the same time and has one minute to draw on the Pictionary Man and the included props (sphere, ball, and cards). Teams take turns picking the card category and rolling the die to determine which word or word pair on the card will be drawn. If a team guesses correctly, that team collects the clue card as a point. But if a clue isn't guessed within the time limit, the round ends, and a new card is chosen.

The first team to collect three cards from each category wins.

Is It Fun?
If your family is a fan of Pictionary, then this game offers a new way to play. Kids will like drawing on the Pictionary Man figures and props, and the addition of the props will really prompt some creative thinking and usage. Fans of original Pictionary will like that you can play with just the classic types of clues, but that with both teams guessing at the same time, it really makes the guessing process more of a race. And the new Pairs category of clues adds a whole new challenge to the guessing as teams must follow what two artists are drawing at the same time.
Who It’s For
Pictionary Man Double Draw is for two teams of players ages 7 and up. It will be a fun party game for those who enjoy picture-guessing games, especially the classic gameplay of Pictionary.
What To Be Aware Of

The game comes with two Pictionary Man figures, one sphere prop, one box prop, four card props, 150 clue cards (75 in each category for a total of 900 clues), two card boxes, two erasable markers, a one-minute sand timer, and a die. 

You will need a damp cloth to wipe off the Pictionary Man figures and props between turns.

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