Barbie Dreamtopia Fairytale Dress-Up Gift Set Review (Mattel)

Barbie Dreamtopia Fairytale Dress-Up Gift Set
What It Is

In the world of Dreamtopia, magic and adventure never stop. And neither does the fashion play with the Barbie Dreamtopia Fairytale Dress-Up Gift Set. Based on the Barbie movie in which Barbie and her sister Chelsea explore the magical lands of Dreamtopia, this doll is dressed for three different occasions, but there’s always the possibility for more. Kids can dress Barbie as a princess in a plastic pink bodice and sparkly candy-patterned skirt. Or kids can dress Barbie as a butterfly fairy in a blue plastic bodice, short pink skirt, and sparkly purple wings. Or Barbie can become a mermaid in a plastic purple swimsuit top and plastic mermaid tail with translucent pink fin.

But kids can also mix and match all of those pieces to dress Barbie however they want. There are so many different combinations, and snapping on and off the plastic pieces is pretty easy to do.

Is It Fun?
Barbie fans are really going to like all the fashion play they get to engage in with this doll set. They can change up Barbie’s look to match the different worlds that Barbie visits in Dreamtopia or to match their own imaginative worlds as they make up all sorts of stories for Barbie. This doll set is all about classic Barbie fashion play, and it’s pretty easy for young kids to do, which means they’ll be able to change up Barbie’s look over and over again.
Who It’s For
The Barbie Dreamtopia Fairytale Dress-Up Gift Set is for Barbie fans ages 3 and up. Whether or not they’ve seen the Barbie Dreamtopia movie, this doll will engage kids in classic Barbie fashion play.
What To Be Aware Of
We thought that snapping on the mermaid tail was a little difficult. Younger kids might need some help doing that.
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