LEGO Creator Park Street Townhouse Review (LEGO)

LEGO Creator Park Street Townhouse
What It Is

Whether you want your LEGO minifigures to live in the city or the suburbs, you can have it both ways with the LEGO Creator Park Street Townhouse construction set, model number 31065. There are three ways to build with this 566-piece set. The main build is, of course, the townhouse with large bay windows, basement windows, black railings, steps, a balcony, and an exterior stairway. There's even a park area with a buildable bench, signpost, and street lamp. Fold it out to create a double façade and access its interior with a flat-screen TV, sofa, fireplace, kitchen, and bedroom.

When you're ready, rebuild the townhouse into a City Café with parking space for the buildable moped, an outdoor seating area, and skylight windows. Or rebuild into a two-story suburban home with a greenhouse. These other two models also have the fold-out capability to more easily access the interiors of the models.

The set also includes two minifigures, a buildable dog, and a buildable bird, plus lots of accessories.

Is It Fun?
We think that LEGO fans will like the versatility of this three-in-one build. In all three models, there is a lot of nice detail that gives each one a realistic feel. And we think that LEGO fans will also like the color scheme of each model with the beige, black, white, brown, sand-green, and dark-red bricks. It's easy to switch between the models, making it easy for kids to change up how they want to play from one day to the next. 
Who It’s For
The LEGO Creator Park Street Townhouse construction set is for ages 8–12. This three-in-one set offers versatile LEGO play for kids who like building with LEGO.
What To Be Aware Of

It took TTPM's Master Builder 45 minutes to build the city cafe model, and the instructions were easy to follow.

You can only build one model at a time, so if you build the townhouse and want to build the café, you'll have to take apart the townhouse.

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