Project MC2 Bryden's Light-Up Earrings Review (MGA Entertainment)

Project MC2 Bryden's Light-Up Earrings
What It Is

Make accessories that will really light up an outfit with the Project MC2 Bryden's Light-Up Earrings. This is a doll and experiment kit based on the Project MC2 TV show on Netflix. Kids can engage in some science and technology play with Bryden Bandweth with this set's fashion doll and included tools for making emoji earrings that light up.

The fashion doll wears a colorful outfit based on one worn by the Bryden Bandweth character on the show. Her sleeveless crop top is made of silver sequins, and her black skirt with a high-low hemline has colorful graffiti printed on it. Bryden accessorizes with a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses, purple platform sandals, and smiley face earrings, which is what kids are going to create for themselves with the rest of the kit.

For the light-up earrings, the kit includes two translucent yellow clip-on earrings and four translucent yellow emoji faces that snap onto the earrings. Once you've picked which emojis you want and have snapped them onto the earrings, clip the earrings onto your ears to watch them automatically light up. 

The back of the box offers a scientific explanation as to why this happens. The earrings work on a technology called “capacitive sensing”. Inside each earring is a battery and LED lights that turn on when a microchip in the earring senses contact with skin. So when you touch the metal clip of the earring to your ear, your body's stored electric charges change the electrical charge of the circuit and turn on the LEDs.

Is It Fun?
This science “experiment” couldn't be easier, and it's pretty on-trend, too. Just like on the Project MC2 show, this activity aims to engage girls in STEAM learning, providing them with a creative way to understand the science and technology aspects of the STEAM acronym. Girls who are fans of Project MC2 and Bryden's character will enjoy playing out scenes from the show through the fashion doll and using the earrings to dress up just like Bryden for some roleplay fun. Plus, kids will think it's pretty cool that their skin is powering up the earrings.
Who It’s For
Project MC2 Bryden's Light-Up Earrings is for ages 6 and up. It will appeal to fans of the Netflix series Project MC2 who also enjoy wearing earrings. But any accessorizing young girl who also likes fashion doll play will enjoy playing and experimenting with this doll set.
What To Be Aware Of
The batteries in the earrings are not replaceable.
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