DC Comics Multiverse DC's Legends of Tomorrow Hawkman Review (Mattel)

DC Comics Multiverse DC's Legends of Tomorrow Hawkman
What It Is

Fly to the rescue with a favorite DC superhero with the DC Comics Multiverse DC's Legends of Tomorrow Hawkman action figure. If you don't know, Hawkman is the reincarnation of the ancient Egyptian prince Khufu. Thanks to the mysterious “ninth metal”, he has the ability to fly. And this action figure is based on the look of the character as played by actor Falk Hentschel on TV shows such as Arrow, The Flash, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

At six inches tall, this action figure features multiple points of articulation, including head, arms, elbows, wrists, waist, legs, and knees. It looks like the ankles should be able to move, but ours did not. You can even extend Hawkman's wings and make them flap. The action figure also comes with a weapon accessory that fits in either of Hawkman's hands.

And for even more fun, Hawkman comes with an exclusive piece for building the King Shark action figure. You'll have to collect the other five King Shark DC Comics Multiverse action figures, sold separately, in order to build King Shark.

Is It Fun?

This action figure has a lot of moving parts and detail to inspire imaginative, action-packed play for young DC Comics fans. But those same features will also make this a nice collector's item for older fans. The poseability really allows for cool battle poses whether during play or on display. And DC Comics fans will also like collecting the exclusive King Shark piece so that they can add it to the other pieces, sold separately, and build out a villain for Hawkman and all their other DC Comics action figures to battle.

Who It’s For
The DC Comics Multiverse DC's Legends of Tomorrow Hawkman action figure is for ages 3 and up, but it will probably appeal more to older DC Comics fans who watch the DC's Legends of Tomorrow TV show. They'll enjoy the details on this action figure that bring the character from the show to life. And any DC Comics fan will want to collect this action figure so that they can get the King Shark body part and put together the King Shark action figure.
What To Be Aware Of
Additional DC Comics Multiverse action figures that are part of the King Shark series include The Flash, Zoom, Jim Gordon Batman, Batgirl, and The Joker. Each is sold separately.
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