DC Comics Multiverse Batman: The Dark Knight Returns The Joker Review (Mattel)

DC Comics Multiverse Batman: The Dark Knight Returns The Joker
What It Is
This version of the Joker is based on the character from The Dark Knight Returns comic, part of the DC Multiverse. In the story, The Joker has come out of retirement to wreak havoc and get revenge on Batman (again). the figure stands 4 inches tall and is highly detailed with a white clown face, white jacked and the beefed up look that he has in the comic. The figure also comes with an interchangeable head and a knife. The different head allows the figure to be posed as he appears in the comic after he stabs himself in the eye and tries to have Batman framed for his death. It's pretty grim, as is the comic, and the figure is intended for the adult fan/collector who is going to use this figure for display rather than play. 
Is It Fun?
Designed for adult fans, the figure is not really intended to be played with in a classic action figure style. Rather, the great detailing and decoration make it a nice addition to a collection that is primarily for display. That's not to say that some kids won't like this, but there are many other traditional Batman figures that wold be better for active, narrative-based play. 
Who It’s For
Mattel age grades this figure for 5 and up. However, it's really going to appeal most to adults who are familiar with the character and the story line. Like much of the comics in the DC Multiverse, the story is dark and fairly sophisticated, so make another choice for younger Batman fans. 
What To Be Aware Of
The interchangeable head takes a good bit of force to remove and replace. 

Each of the six figures in this line comes with a large piece that is part of the Shark King large figure. If you buy all six figures, you can create the large action figure. Once you put the Shark King pieces together, do not remove them; the figure can only be assembled once. 

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