ErgoCocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag Review (ErgoPouch)

ErgoCocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag
What It Is
The Ergo Cocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag is a zip-up baby swaddle for use from birth and up.  This swaddle and sleep bag takes the complications of an origami style swaddle out of the equation making it easy for parents and comfortable for baby. The cocoon pouch keeps baby snug and secure in a swaddle without any of the hassle of wrapping. This swaddle transitions easily into a sleep bag and has snap button options for freeing the arm. The two-way zipper makes changing a diaper super easy without having to take the entire pouch off your baby. The bottom of this swaddle has a bell shape with allows babies to move to their legs. 
Why Is It Useful?
This is a great swaddle that is helpful for babies and parent alike. It takes the complications of swaddle out and gives parents peace of mind and a sung fit for babies. This also allows baby to grow into the sleep bag with options of releasing arms and legs. The easy of diaper changes with a zipper is ideal for parents when baby is sleeping.  The soft stretchy fabric is snug but also has some give allowing baby to move. 
Who It’s For
The Ergo Cocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag is for ages birth and up. This swaddle is for use up to 12 months, but this is different for each baby. If baby is not walking by 12 months you can use it for longer. 
What To Be Aware Of
The Ergo Cocoon Swaddle Sleep Bag is available in various sizes and prints. It's machine washable and has a temperature control. You can purchase one for all seasons. The fabric is an organic cotton and bamboo mix. 
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