The Lion Guard Hyena's Hide Out Playset Review (Just Play)

The Lion Guard Hyena's Hide Out Playset
What It Is

The hyenas are up to no good on The Lion Guard Hyena's Hide Out Playset. This playset, based on the Disney Junior TV show, comes with a poseable Janja figure who is right at home on the rocky and lava-covered playset.

This playset has a lot of fun action features. Place the boulder on top of the volcano and press the branch to launch the boulder down the flow of lava and onto the bridge to knock off a figure. You can also place a figure in the bone jaw jail. Place a figure on the trap floor, and press the button to collapse the floor and send the figure into the lava river below. The spinning branch will hold four-legged figures, or you can switch out the branch attachment for the extra attachment to hold other figures. And there is a lava wall that can be raised and lowered to trap figures in the volcano or release them, depending on how kids choose to play.

Is It Fun?
Fans of The Lion Guard will really like bringing to life the hyena hide-out just like on the TV show. It only comes with one figure, so kids will probably want to add more The Lion Guard figures to this playset to really play out all the action scenarios. This will be a fun set for kids who like The Lion Guard, engaging them in lots of action-filled and open-ended, narrative-based play.
Who It’s For
The Lion Guard Hyena's Hide Out Playset is for ages 3 and up. Kids who are fans of The Lion Guard will like the fun action features on this playset that let them play out favorite scenes from the show and create their own action-packed stories.
What To Be Aware Of
The playset only comes with one figure of Janja. Other The Lion Guard figures are sold separately.
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