Nekoflies Foxifur Kittenator Review (Nekochan)

Nekoflies Foxifur Kittenator
What It Is
The Neko flies Foxifur Kittenator is a furry scampering mouse attachment that is part of the Neko Flies interchangeable toy system. The Neko flies Foxifur Kittenator cat toy attachment comes with a 41" long string with a swivel clip for easy attachment to the rod. The Neko flies Foxifur Kittenator is a scampering mouse that features a fuzzy full body with sparkly detail and a lengthy furry tail for kitties to play with. It is designed to have a realistic scampering movement and it soars through the air and dangles for your cat's delight. Cats will love swatting at it and capturing it as their prey. The Neko flies Foxifur Kittenator is made from durable synthetic materials. Neko Flies Rod is not included. 
Is It Fun?
The Neko flies Foxifur Kittenator is fun for cats to play with because of it's furry, fuzzy, full body that scampers around like a real mouse when it's tossed around. It's iridescent details in the fur make it attractive to a cat's keen sense of vision. It scampers through the airs and really captures your cat's attention so they stalk, hunt and attack the Foxifur Kittenator as if it were his prey! It's fun for parents because it is highly interactive. My cat loves this toy so much and it's always fun to play with a toy that he enjoys. It also wears him out after playing for 10 minutes or so because he gets a good amount of exercise chasing after it. 
Who It’s For
Neko flies Foxifur Kittenator is great for Cat Parents that want to get some exercise for their kitty cats. The Neko flies Foxifur Kittenatory is just one of a variety of attachments to use with the Neko Fiies Rod. The Neko flies Foxifur Kittenator will capture you cat's attention with its dangling string legs and also iridescent fluttering wings. Cats who love to jump into the air and capture their prey will love playing with this dangler toy system! It's one bug that you'll want to keep around your house. 
What To Be Aware Of
The Neko flies Foxifur Kittenator is a dangler toy that has a 41" string. Unlike wire or plastic, I found that the string would wrap around his paws when he was playing with it. This could be dangerous to cats if you aren't careful because it can really pull on them if your cat is an aggressive player. Carefully monitor your pet while playing with this toy. I still love playing with this toy because my cat Hercules loves it so much, I'm just very careful to check his paws if he has leaped into the air to capture it. The Neko flies Foxifur Kittenator does not come with the Neko Flies Rod.
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