LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Super Hero High School Review (LEGO)

LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Super Hero High School
What It Is

Every superhero needs a place to learn how to be a superhero, and that's what kids can build with the LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Super Hero High School. This is based on the school from the DC Super Hero Girls webisodes, which is all about how the female DC superheroes and villains got their start. With this 712-piece construction set, model number 41232, kids get to build a three-level school building with lots of fun action features and elements. 

On the top of the school, there's a large amethyst. Right underneath the amethyst, you'll find a café with TV screen. On the bottom, there are two swiveling classrooms with tables, seats, and rotating screens.

But when Lena Luthor attacks, the school can transform into defense mode. Spin the knob to lower the ramp so that Poison Ivy's motorbike can zoom into action. Rotate the flags at the front of the school to go from Super Hero High banner to Lena Luthor's icon. Launch discs from the disc shooter, and launch chains from the chain shooter.

Poison Ivy's buildable motorbike includes a plant shooter, while Lena Luthor's buildable jet includes an opening cockpit, rotating thrusters, and a rotating gripping claw on the front.

The set also comes with minifigures of Poison Ivy, Supergirl, and Lena Luthor, plus Poison Ivy's plant Frankie and two purple Kryptomites.

Is It Fun?
This construction set will be a fun way to merge building with LEGO and the DC Super Hero Girls for girls who like both. The high school is where the show takes place, and fans are really going to like building that central location and bringing it to life through LEGO. There are a lot of fun elements for kids to explore as they build and play, and the action features will bring some of the excitement from the show to life and allow girls to recreate the good-versus-evil storylines that they've watched on the show or make up new ones.
Who It’s For
The LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Super Hero High School is for ages 8–12. It's really going to be fun for girls who like building with LEGO and are either fans of the DC Super Hero Girls webisodes or are just fans of Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and other female DC Comics characters in general. It's a wonderful merging of some action figure play with construction play.
What To Be Aware Of
It took TTPM's Master Builder one hour and 30 minutes to assemble this set, and the instructions were easy to follow.
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