Beauty and the Beast Beast Film Collection Doll Review (shopDisney)

Beauty and the Beast Beast Film Collection Doll
What It Is

The tale as old as time is back with a new look, and fans of Disney's new Beauty and the Beast movie can bring the new look of the Beast to life through the Beauty and the Beast Beast Film Collection doll. As part of the Disney Film Collection, this Disney Store exclusive doll carefully captures the character's facial sculpt and intricate costume details as seen in the new live-action movie. The doll's plastic molded head has two horns and luxurious molded locks of hair. The Beast wears a lace cravat with a blue satin coat and matching satin vest that both have ornate gold detailing. There's also lace at the cuffs of the sleeves. The doll's pants are a soft blue material and are cut short just like in the movie to reveal detailed molded plastic feet. The Beast's tail can swing back and forth, and the head, arms, and legs are poseable.

Is It Fun?
This is a really beautifully made doll that does a great job of capturing the look of the Beast from the new movie. Everything from the facial details to the detailing on the costume bring this character to life for Beauty and the Beast fans young and old. Kids will enjoy playing with this doll to recreate favorite scenes from the movie or imagine all-new stories for the Beast, but the doll's attention to detail may also appeal to older fans and collectors who simply want to keep this doll on display as part of a Beauty and the Beast or general doll collection.
Who It’s For

The Beauty and the Beast Beast Film Collection Doll is for ages 3 and up, but because it has such a good likeness to the character from the new movie and with such a high level of detail, we think that even older Beauty and the Beast fans and doll collectors will want to add this doll to their collections. (Some may even choose to keep it in the box for display purposes.)

However, for imaginative kids who like the new movie, this doll will inspire them to recreate favorite scenes and play out all-new adventures.

What To Be Aware Of

This doll is available exclusively at the Disney Store.

Additional Beauty and the Beast Film Collection dolls include Belle and a Belle and Gaston doll set. Each is sold separately. 

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