The LEGO Batman Movie Mr. Freeze Ice Attack Review (LEGO)

The LEGO Batman Movie Mr. Freeze Ice Attack
What It Is

Watch out, it's Mr. Freeze! 

The Mr. Freeze Ice Attack building set from LEGO is a 201-piece building set that once constructed, makes for exciting Batman roleplay. This building set makes Mr. Freeze, his armor, a security guard, a lab station, and of course, Batman. Mr. Freeze is up to no good, and, is of course, freezing everyone he sees-- but not to worry, our caped crusader is here to help. Mr. Freeze detaches from his freeze suit when needed, and the suit features a stud-shooting freeze ray. The buildable power plant features a silo with a pipe, adjustable lever, and accessories such as a computer, pressure meter, and mug. There's also a translucent ice prison that fits one minifigure to help drive the imaginative play. Building this set helps reinforce motor skills and focus. Overall, this is a great LEGO playset that is sure to excite Batman fans and a great way to bring the roleplay from The LEGO Batman Movie to your home. 

Is It Fun?
This set is a lot of fun and encourages roleplaying, storytelling, and creative play. Kids can create various scenarios in which Batman will battle Mr. Freeze, and save a security guard in the process. Or they can also choose to have Mr. Freeze defeat the dark knight, thanks to some help from his inside man, the security guard. Kids can also choose to recreate scenes from The LEGO Batman Movie.
Who It’s For
The Mr. Freeze Ice Attack playset is for ages 7–14. This is a great building playset for LEGO fans, Batman fans, and, of course, fans of The LEGO Batman Movie. Kids will enjoy all the creative and building elements to this set. They'll also like the design of the playset as well as the Batman and Mr. Freeze minifigures.
What To Be Aware Of

Mr. Freeze's exosuit features a stud-shooting freeze gun, room for a minifigure, posable joints, and translucent elements.

The power plant features a silo with a pipe and an adjustable lever, plus computer, pressure meter, mug, and translucent light elements. Also included is an ice prison, which opens to reveal space for a minifigure.

Weapons and accessory elements include Batman's Batarang, flamethrower, cape, the new molded utility belt, the security guard's gun, breathing mask, and oxygen tank.

The set features 201 pieces and can also be combined with other LEGO sets and minifigures, which are sold separately.

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