Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Operation Review (Hasbro)

Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Operation
What It Is

Pretend to be a doctor at Doc's Toy Hospital with the Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Operation game. Just like in the classic game of Operation, players use tweezers to remove pieces from the game board without touching the metal sides of the spaces. In this version of the game, the pieces to remove are Boo-Boos, such as a bone for Findo, a battery for Squibbles, a heart for Lambie, and a gear for Robot Ray.

On your turn, choose a Boo-Boo and use the tweezers to try and remove it from the game board without touching the metal sides of the space. If the tweezers touch the sides, you'll get buzzed and Doc's stethoscope will light up. You'll have to leave that Boo-Boo in its space and give the tweezers to the next player. But if you remove the Boo-Boo without getting buzzed, you get to keep it. The game ends when all the Boo-Boos have been removed, and the player with the most Boo-Boos wins.

Is It Fun?
Doc McStuffins fans are going to like this new take on the classic game of Operation. It includes some of kids' favorite characters from the Disney Junior show, and kids will like pretending to help them feel better by removing the Boo-Boos. This skill-and-action game definitely challenges a player's dexterity as she attempts to carefully remove the Boo-Boos without getting buzzed, but the possibility of getting buzzed adds suspense to the gameplay and just makes this a very fun and silly game for the whole family to play.
Who It’s For
The Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Operation game is for one or more players ages 6 and up. It will definitely appeal to kids who like watching Doc McStuffins on TV, but the silly gameplay will appeal to just about anyone who enjoys the classic game of Operation.
What To Be Aware Of

The game requires two AA batteries, which are not included.

The game does come with a game tray with Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital characters and tweezers, and 11 plastic Boo-Boos. Before the first time you play, you'll need to snap the Boo-Boos off of the plastic frame and set up the tweezers. Then, place all of the Boo-Boos into their matching spaces on the board.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AA batteries required