Project MC2 Ember's Glitter Tattoos Review (MGA Entertainment)

Project MC2 Ember's Glitter Tattoos
What It Is

Give yourself some glittery tattoos just like Ember Evergreen with the Project MC2 Ember's Glitter Tattoos kit. This is a doll and science experiment kit that comes with a fashion doll and tools for making cool glitter tattoos on your hand. 

The Ember Evergreen doll wears a fashion inspired by the character on the Project MC2 Netflix series. In her strawberry blonde hair, Ember wears a floral headpiece. Her strapless dress has an ombre effect on the bodice and skirt, with a brown belt at the waist. She wears blue cowboy boots with a floral design.

For the glitter tattoos, the kit also comes with a tube of glitter and a tattoo applicator bottle with nozzle and cap. You'll need to provide several other items from home, such as costume body cream paint, washable school glue, corn starch, and a makeup brush. In a bowl, mix the body paint with the school glue and pour it into the tattoo applicator. Squeeze the mixture onto your hand to create a henna-inspired design. Then add glitter to make it sparkle. Pour cornstarch over the design to set it, and after 15 minutes, use a makeup brush to wipe away excess cornstarch and glitter.

The back of the box offers a scientific explanation for why you use these ingredients. The paint provides color, the glue provides stickiness, and the cornstarch sucks up moisture to dry the tattoo.

Is It Fun?
The Project MC2 show is all about engaging girls in the five aspects of the STEAM acronym: science, technology, engineering, art, and math. This kit brings science and art together in a fun activity that lets kids be creative while also learning a little bit of science. Kids who are fans of Project MC2 and the character of Ember Evergreen in particular will enjoy making cool hand tattoos just like Ember. But any creative kid who also likes fashion doll play will enjoy designing sparkly henna tattoos on their hands. It's pretty easy to do once you gather all the supplies you'll need, but the designs that kids create may look a little different from the ones on the box depending on a child's age and skill level.
Who It’s For
The Project MC2 Ember's Glitter Tattoos is for ages 6 and up with adult supervision. This will be a fun activity for kids who like the Project MC2 TV show and the Ember Evergreen character. It lets them be creative and design cool henna-inspired tattoos while also engaging in imaginative play with the doll.
What To Be Aware Of

Additional items you'll need from home include washable school glue, corn starch, a makeup brush, costume body cream paint, a mixing bowl, a spoon, and a measuring cup.

The glitter tattoos wash off with water and mild hand soap. If glue remains, use an oil-based lotion to rub it off.

Make sure you rinse out the bottle and nozzle with warm water and mild dish soap to keep it clean for another use.

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