Project MC2 Camryn's Tie Dye Review (MGA Entertainment)

Project MC2 Camryn's Tie Dye
What It Is

Get creative with your science experiments with the Project MC2 Camryn's Tie Dye. This is a doll and experiment kit, so it comes with a Camryn Coyle doll wearing a fashion based on the character from the Project MC2 Netflix series. Her reddish hair is pulled back in a high ponytail to show off the orange mesh neckline of her patterned top. She also wears a long colorful matching skirt with a shorter black arrow-patterned skirt underneath. And on her feet she wears black sandals with gold chain detailing and a coordinating black purse with fringe. The purse really does open.

But the doll is only part of the fun. The set also includes three permanent markers and a pipette. By combining the markers with rubbing alcohol (which you'll need to provide from home), kids can decorate a white or light-colored canvas material (such as a tote bag, shoes, or a T-shirt, which also need to be provided from home) with a cool tie-dye look.

First, you draw on the canvas material with the markers. Then, fill the pipette with rubbing alcohol, and squeeze the rubbing alcohol over the marker colors on your material. The back of the box explains how it works. Permanent ink doesn't dissolve in water, which is why it's hard to get off your hands, but it does dissolve in rubbing alcohol. As you drip the rubbing alcohol onto the material, it is absorbed and starts to spread, dragging the colors with it.

Is It Fun?
The Project MC2 TV show is all about engaging girls in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM), and this kit encompasses the science and art parts of the STEAM acronym. While it's going to be fun for Project MC2 fans to conduct a crafty science experiment just like Camryn, any creative kid who also likes fashion doll play will enjoy designing their own tie-dye fashion patterns in this very simple manner. And as long as kids have the right materials, they can make as many tie-dye fashions as they want!
Who It’s For

The Project MC2 Camryn's Tie Dye is for ages 6 and up with adult supervision. Kids who are fans of the Project MC2 show will like getting creative and crafty just like Camryn with this cool kit. Parents will appreciate that the toy offers a bit of science along with the art play.

What To Be Aware Of
Make sure you let your tie-dye creations dry before wearing or using them.

Parents should supervise children whenever they are making these projects.

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