Disney emoji Nemo Review (Just Play)

Disney emoji Nemo
What It Is
A beloved Disney Pixar character, Nemo from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory, can now be seen in adorable emoji form in the Smart Phone game Disney Emoji Blitz. This stuffed toy version of Nemo captures that emoji cuteness. Measuring 12-inches, the Disney Emoji Plush Nemo features colorful screenprinted, and embroidered features. It's a Nemo shaped pillow plush so it's flatter than a standard stuffed toy. Soft, squishy, and well made, it is sure to be a hit with Disney fans, and emoji lovers, alike. It would make a great addition to a stuffed animal collection, and would be cute to use as room décor. Completely functional as a pillow, it would also be great for travel, as kids can cuddle with Nemo on an airplane, train, or car. Additional characters are available, and each is sold separately. 
Is It Fun?

Nemo and the rest of the characters available in the Disney Emoji plush line combine two things many kids love- emojis and Disney and Pixar characters. Nemo is a popular character that is sure to appeal to young fans. Seeing him as an emoji is also very adorable. At 12-inches, and designed to double as a pillow, this stuffed toy is a good size and shape for cuddling during naps or bedtime. It's soft, squishy, and well made. It would also be great to decorate a room, and as a throw pillow on child's bed or in a child's playroom. With so many beloved characters available, the line offers collectibility, which many kids enjoy.

Who It’s For
Recommended for ages 2 and up, this Disney Emoji Plush Nemo will appeal to those who collect stuffed animals, and to fans of Finding Nemo or Finding Dory. Since it is inspired by the Smart Phone game, Disney Emoji Blitz, it is also fun for players who recognize the emoji from the game.
What To Be Aware Of
Elsa from Frozen, Sully, and Mike from Monsters Inc. and Monsters University, the Genie from Aladdin, Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Mickey, Minnie, and more popular Disney and Pixar characters are also available in the Disney Emoji Plush collection from Just Play. Each stuffed toy is sold separately. 

Disney Emoji Blitz is a Match 3 Game available for download on iPhone and Android that features Disney and Pixar emoji characters. To download the emojis to your phone, you'll have to play the matching game. As you "collect" them in the game, you can start using them in text conversations. 

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  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility