Power Rangers Yellow Ranger 12-inch Action Figure Review (Bandai)

Power Rangers Yellow Ranger 12-inch Action Figure
What It Is

Gear up for more Power Rangers adventures with the new movie and the Power Rangers Yellow Ranger 12-inch Action Figure. Based on the look of the character from the movie, this action figure stands tall and wears the character's yellow uniform, complete with an iridescent chest plate sticker. The action figure also features seven points of articulation at the head, arms, wrists, and legs.

In the movie, which sort of reboots and reimagines the Power Rangers storyline, a group of high schoolers discover that they have unique super powers and must band together to defend the world against an alien threat.

Is It Fun?
Even though this action figure is a pretty basic figure, fans of the new movie will appreciate how detailed it is, helping to bring the character to life for lots of open-ended, narrative-based play. Kids will really like the large size of the action figure, which also helps the younger fans more easily pose and play with the figure. Because it is based on the new movie, it's going to appeal more to fans of the movie, but we also think that any fan of the Yellow Ranger will like this action figure.
Who It’s For
The Power Rangers Yellow Ranger 12-inch Action Figure is for ages 4 and up. Kids who saw the new Power Rangers movie will have fun recreating favorite movie scenes and engaging in lots of imaginative play with this action figure. It's also going to be fun for any Yellow Ranger fan.
What To Be Aware Of
Other Power Rangers 12-inch Action Figures include Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Pink Ranger, and Alpha 5. Each is sold separately.
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