Mia's Favorite Bear Toy Review (4 Paws Tech)

Mia's Favorite Bear Toy
What It Is
Teddy the Bear is one of three Plush, Canvas, Dog Toys in the Mia's Favorite line of dog toys from 4 Paws Tech. Teddy has a dark canvas exterior that is decorated with embroidered eyes. Teddy is in a standing position making it easy for dogs to pick up during a fetch game. This toy is ideal for comfort but could be used for mild chewing or indoor fetching.    
Is It Fun?
Mia's Favorite Teddy the Bear Toy is especially fun for those dogs that like to treat stuffed animal toys like they would small animals they would prey on in the great outdoors.  The built in squeaker adds another layer of enticement for a pooches looking to exercise their natural instincts.  This toy is also good for dogs who just like to use their toys for comfort.  In a pinch, you could also use Teddy for indoor fetching and mild tugging.
Who It’s For
Mia's Favorite Bear Toy is actually fine for any dog but especially those who favor plush dog toys in the shape of small prey.  This dog toy is for mild chewers.
What To Be Aware Of
The Mia's Favorite Bear Toy is not for aggressive chewers.  Pet Parent supervision is suggested.  Small bits like the ears will come off but didn't seem to bother our testers.  If the toy becomes damaged to the point that it could present a choking hazard, remove it immediately.  This toy is only available at www.4Pawstech.com .
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