Nightlight LED Leash Red Review (4 Paws Tech)

Nightlight LED Leash Red
What It Is

The Nightlight LED Leash from 4 Paws Tech is a well-made brightly colored dog lead that is designed with a rechargeable LED strip sewn into the outer layer. After charging the Nightlight LED leash using any USB port, simply press the on button to activate the light. The 60 inch leash is also sewn with reflective stitching for greater safety. You can toggle the button on leash so that it blinks slowly, quickly or remains solid. The Nightlight LED Leash has a padded handle so it's easy on the hands and provides a good grip. You can attach this leash to most collars using the spring swivel clasp.

Why Is It Useful?

For those Pet Parents that live in an area that is not well lit at night, having extra visibility is a great safety measure. The Nightlight LED leash certainly provides that with a bright LED strip sewn into one side of the leash. It will blink or stay solid and is sure to attract a drivers attention in a dark area. It is also designed with reflective stitching for an extra layer of safety.

Who It’s For

The Nightlight LED Leash is for any dog and Pet Parent that enjoy night-time walks and want to be sure they are seen in the dark. The Nightlight LED Leash is priced higher than average leashes but in this case, you are paying for technology that might save you or your dog from having an accident. Again if you live in an area that isn't well lit and you walk the roads at night, then the extra cost is a small price to pay.

What To Be Aware Of

The LED strip on the Nightlight Leash is only sewn on one side. It takes 3 hrs of normal USB charging for the Nightlight LED Collar to be at full capacity. The charge will provide approximately 7 hrs of light depending on which mode you use mostly. The stand-by charge will last for up to 30 days. The Nightlight LED Leash is water resistant and comes in 4 colors and 4 styles. The LED light is always red though.

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