Lalaloopsy Storm E. Sky Review (MGA Entertainment)

Lalaloopsy Storm E. Sky
What It Is

The Lalaloopsy dolls are getting a new look on the animated Netflix series We're Lalaloopsy and in a new line of dolls based on the series. The line features four of the main characters from the show, including Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Storm E. Sky, Jewel Sparkles, and Spot Splatter Splash. Each one is sold separately.

Storm E. Sky is one of the new characters for the show. She was sewn on July 29th from wisps of rain clouds. She has purple hair pulled into pigtails with a magenta streak. She wears a large glittery bow in one pigtail. Unlike the original Lalaloopsy dolls that had plastic, molded hair that couldn't be styled, these new dolls feature real hair. So you can use the included brush to brush Storm E. Sky's hair.

Storm E. Sky is a musician who likes to play guitar, and her outfit reflects her rock-n-roll personality. She's got a silver vest over a black-and-white-striped T-shirt with a glittery pink tutu and purple-and-pink-striped leggings tucked into black boots. The doll version of Storm E. comes with the character's pet cat Cool Cat that has a lightning bolt charm on its collar and a lightning bolt-shaped tail.

Is It Fun?
The new Netflix series opens up a whole new world of Lalaloopsy to some of the brand's original fans as well as to kids who are new to this very cute doll line. Kids will like playing out what they see on the show and making up all-new stories in the world of Lalaloopsy Land for the characters. The new brushable hair is going to be a fun feature, allowing kids to engage in creative hairplay with the Lalaloopsy dolls and giving the familiar characters a new look in celebration of the brand new series.
Who It’s For
The Lalaloopsy Storm E. Sky doll is for ages 4 and up. Kids who are fans of the Netflix series will like bringing this character to life through the doll and collecting one of their favorite characters from the show in this cute doll form. This is also a fun update to the Lalaloopsy doll line that all fans of the brand will like.
What To Be Aware Of

Additional Lalaloopsy dolls based on the new Netflix series include Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Jewel Sparkles, and Spot Splatter Splash. Each one is sold separately.

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