Lalaloopsy Crumbs Sugar Cookie Review (MGA Entertainment)

Lalaloopsy Crumbs Sugar Cookie
What It Is

Follow the adventures of some of your favorite Lalaloopsy dolls on the new animated Netflix series We're Lalaloopsy,  and then play out those adventures with dolls based on the show. The doll line features four of the main characters from the show, including Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Storm E. Sky, Jewel Sparkles, and Spot Splatter Splash. Each one is sold separately.

Crumbs Sugar Cookie is the baker of Lalaloopsy Land, sewn on December 4th from a baker's apron. She wears a black bow headband in her curly pink hair. What makes these new dolls special is that they have hair that kids can comb and style.  So you can use the included brush to brush the doll's hair.

As the resident baker of Lalaloopsy Land the doll has an apron with a heart on it, which she wears over her yellow-and-white-checked dress. She also wears white socks with pink Mary Jane-style shoes. 

The doll version of Crumbs Sugar Cookie comes with the character's pet and taste-tester, Mouse.

Is It Fun?
This doll is a fun way to bring the world from the Netflix series to life for Lalaloopsy fans. Kids will like playing out favorite scenes from the show or making up all-new stories in Lalaloopsy Land. The new brushable hair feature is really fun because it engages kids in creative hair play and also gives the characters a new look to celebrate the new TV series. We think that older fans who remember the original Crumbs Sugar Cookie doll from way back in 2010 will really like this updated version of the character.
Who It’s For
The Lalaloopsy Crumbs Sugar Cookie is for ages 4 and up. Fans who remember what the original Crumbs Sugar Cookie doll looked like when Lalaloopsy first hit store shelves in 2010 will really like this new look for the character. And of course, kids who enjoy watching the new Netflix series will also like engaging in imaginative play with this doll.
What To Be Aware Of
Other Lalaloopsy dolls based on the new Netflix series include Storm E. Sky, Jewel Sparkles, and Spot Splatter Splash. Each one is sold separately.
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