Bean Bag Bucketz Review (Creative Brainworks LLC)

Bean Bag Bucketz
What It Is
Gear up for an epic bean bag showdown with B3 Beanbag Bucketz by Creative Brainworks for ages 8 and up. This set comes with: collapsible B3 stand, 7 removable buckets, 16 bean bags (orange and blue), nylon carry bag, custom labels, and instructions. This game is fun and simple: The first player or team to reach 21 points, wins! Establish the designated distance from which the bean bags can be thrown into the B3 structure (about 6-12 feet). You can move around the structure. Each Bucket has a point value on it, 1, being the lowest, and 4, being the highest. The higher the point value, the further up you go, and the the smaller the buckets get, adding to the challenge and strategy for winning.
Is It Fun?
This is a simple game of skill that people of all ages can play together. Well, it only looks simple! Getting the beanbags in the buckets can be a bit of a challenge, so you'll have to plan your strategy--get a lot of lower points or risk missing for a higher point count. 

The beauty of this game is that you can take it almost anywhere! The beach, tailgating, camping, and more! It's a great outdoor game, but you can certainly play indoors as well!  The box includes additional ways to play this game for more beanbag fun!

Who It’s For
Great for kids and adults ages 8 and up. Perfect for family and friends outings. It's a great way to be active without being too physically challenging. In fact, people of all ages can play this together. 
What To Be Aware Of
Instructions are included. The B3 structure is fairly easy to assemble and disassemble. Comes with a storage nylon carry bag.

This is super sturdy and well made, excellent quality and value, especially for this type of game. 

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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